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Consult with a criminal defense attorney in Leesburg, VA

The courts take your criminal charges seriously. So do we.

A criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Michael J. Seck, PLC will help you understand your situation and your options. We'll work together toward achieving the best possible result in your case.

You can feel confident that we treat every case with the same level of commitment, whether you're facing felony charges or a traffic ticket. Contact a reliable criminal defense attorney serving clients in Leesburg, Virginia and the surrounding area by calling 571-510-3331 now.

Criminal Law

Start building your defense against a range of criminal charges.

Criminal Law

Family Law

A divorce attorney can help you build a foundation for your future.

Family Law

Personal Injury Law

Choose a personal injury attorney who cares about your recovery.

Personal Injury Law

Civil Litigation

Resolve your disputes through civil litigation.

Civil Litigation

Choose a small firm where valued clients become trusted friends

Hiring a litigation attorney is an important decision. If you're facing a challenging legal matter, you want an attorney who's:




When you visit The Law Office of Michael J. Seck, PLC, you'll find more than an ordinary law firm. You'll find a legal team that's committed to a successful outcome in your situation.

Work with a litigation attorney in Leesburg, VA who won't stop fighting until we've achieved the best possible results.

The majority of my clients come in to the office because they are not only dealing with a legal issue but they are also dealing with a life event. I strive to fully explain all the legal intricacies of each client's case in a plain and sensible manner. Many times it takes a neutral and detached person to properly counsel someone on how to handle emotionally charged situations, I have always worked hard to offer that service for my clients. My firm is very conscientious of the high costs associated with active litigation. Unfortunately there are times when these costs cannot be avoided, however, when it comes to funding litigation I will often counsel my clients to engage in a cost benefit analysis of their current situation, or as a former local Judge used to ask, "are we spending a quarter to chase a nickel." I am a local Loudoun attorney and my offices are near the Loudoun County courthouse.

My firm handles virtually every aspect of Family Law including: Contested and Uncontested Divorces, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, Adoptions, Domestic Abuse, Protective Orders, Grandparents Rights and complex cases involving the Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets.

Hold Your Family Together During a Divorce

A divorce attorney can help you protect your children

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